John Nicholson

John Nicholson

Financial Professional

John helps young families use their money to help create their ideal lives. Young families interested in sorting out their finances have an incredible opportunity to shape their lives and the lives of their children. It is this promise that keeps John energized and working hard for those who seek guidance.

One life experience in particular sticks with John and inspired his entry into this business. Throughout college he took loans to pay for school and housing, working summers to cover as many expenses as possible. Upon graduation his father surprised him by paying down his remaining loans. Further still, his grandparents had set up an account to pay a stipend to any grandkids who graduated college. As the first grandkid to graduate, John found himself with a college degree, no loans, and some money to get started on the right foot. This gave him the foundation to start a business which took off and allowed him to buy a house in West Chester shortly thereafter – a house that now generates ongoing rental income. This opportunity would not have been possible if not for his family’s work with financial advisors, and of course through the dedication and hard work of his supportive family.

In his spare time John admits to listening to too much NPR, and when no one is around he replaces song lyrics with the name of his dog Macie, and sings them to her.

John is insurance licensed in Pennsylvania.

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